kalle spider hanging wire lighting

Kalle Spider Hanging Wire Lights

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Product Description

Screaming industrial, this ceiling lamp features the unique hanging vines design. The placing of each pivot point can be customized, giving you the flexibility to exercise your creativity and the height of each bulb can be easily adjusted too. Each bulb droops down to emulate a mini chandelier feel while also exuding a modern vibe. The spread-out arrangement of the bulbs allow for a large lighted space, perfect for a central lighting fixture in the living room, dining table or common space. 

The feel of the lighting can be easily changed too through the choice of light bulbs. Random bulbs gives it a strong industrial feel while uniform bulbs makes it slightly more classy while still exuding a chic industrial flair.

All models come with a free lighting remote controller, which allows you to select a pre-set specific number of bulbs to be lit up, for example for a 8 bulb model you can set button A to control 3 bulbs, button B to control another 3 bulbs and button C to control another 2 bulbs.

Recommended bulb for this lamp is LED Edison bulb G95 Globe, and can be purchased here:

Number of bulbs 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 bulbs avail (bulbs sold separately – please choose your options)
Power Max 40W, 220V
Fitting type E27
Colour Black
Measurements Length of wiring (varies with model): 1.2m (6 bulb model), 1.5m (8 bulb model), 1.8m (10 bulb model), 1.9m (12 bulb model), 2.0m (14 bulb model)
Material Metal base plate

Additional Information

No. of Bulb Units

6 bulb units, 8 bulb units, 10 bulb units, 12 bulb units, 14 bulb units