Sleek Band Wall Lamp-front black

BORJE Sleek Band Wall Lamp

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Product Description

“Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” ― Natalie Babbitt. Simplicity is best in most things, art and design included. Being simple does not mean a lack in design but simply having the bare essentials, it allows for this lighting piece to coexist harmoniously with other surrounding designs without having too much design that it draws away and steals the attention from the entire theme. Rather than fight and compete for viewers’ attention, it chooses not to create a chaos in which every piece of design clashes and conflicts over each other.

Perfect for tv console feature light, washroom cabinet wall light, feature light, bedside lamp, bed headboard light, and more.

Comes with built-in LED strip lighting: 31cm – 10W, 59cm – 23W, 87cm – 36W.

Number of bulbs Comes with LED Strip
Power 220V (110V countries please source local bulbs)
Fitting type LED
Colour Black | White |Silver
Measurements Height: 9cm, Thickness from wall: 3cm, Length: Variations Available
Material metal

Additional Information


Black, White, Silver

LED Lighting Color

Warm White, Cool White

Length Size

31cm, 59cm, 87cm