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    5 Important Tips For Matching Light Fixtures

    Sometimes you want your light fixture to cover a large area but one is just not enough. But you’re reluctant to spend a few hundred bucks on another of the same light fixture. What can you do? The solution is as simple as this: Get a complementing light fixture of course! But be cautious, this

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    8 Unbelievable Ways to Add Statement Lights to Homes with Low Ceilings

      Most HDB homeowners are faced with the problem of low ceilings, so much so they end up surrendering to the feat by getting plain ole recessed lights. Hold it there! We are not saying that going the safe route is necessarily bad but this is your home: if you can’t live dangerously here, where else

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    5 Easy Must Know Ways to Brighten-up Your Staircase

    Whether for practical purposes or for the sake of design, having well-lit stairs is incredibly invaluable. Do you know about two thousand individuals were sacrificed to the lord of the dark stairs every year? Well, that was a morbid start. But it’s true: many deaths are caused by falling off stairs. Hence, the urgency of

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    8 Ways to Brighten-up an Enclosed Bathroom

      Whether your bathroom is completely enclosed or you’re just working with the little amount of light filtering through that tiny window, most HDB owners face the daily struggle of having to brighten up their bathroom. Many HDB owners turn to using recessed lights (also known as can lights), we think you can do better

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