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    Lightings mid year madness slider

  • Scandinavian Lightings

    Scandinavian Lightings

  • Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

    Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

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  • What to do with your ceilings walls and floors

    What to do with your Walls, Ceilings, Floors

    Your Surfaces Matter! One of the firsts of your renovation choices would be what to do with your surfaces. Your Walls, your Ceilings and your Floors. For owners who don’t have a clear vision of what they want, most will go with the safest choices–plain surfaces. Surely furnishings will make up for whatever is lacking

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  • 6expensive looking homes in 4 least expensive estates

    6 Expensive Looking Homes in 4 Least Expensive HDB Towns

    More Funds for Renovation! Buying a house is a huge commitment, if we’re signing up for a monthly repayment, it’d better be for something that’s worth it! For most, the foremost consideration would be which estate to live in. As small as Singapore is, each estate is still idiosyncratic in its own way. Which estate has

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  • 5 Japanese Minimalist Homes in Singapore that scream Muji

    Minimalism, something not only an aesthetic, but something of necessity to maximise our tiny living spaces in Singapore. So often associated with Minimalism are the cool tones of monochrome, and one can’t help but lament that minimalism may come off a little unfeeling at times. Introduce Japanese Minimalism, a great marriage between warmth and minimalism.

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  • 7 Dreamy Night Light Ideas You Can Choose From

    What’s the last thing you see before you go to sleep every night? We don’t know the answer to that. What we do know is that you couldn’t have seen whatever you saw without the help of your night light! The night light is the last thing keeping your from the dark and the glowing

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