• February 2018 lightings

    February 2018

  • Scandinavian Lightings

    Scandinavian Lightings

  • Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

    Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

Screed Bespoke Lightings Sourcing Service
  • balestier lightings screed lightings

    Lightings You Wished You Had Seen While Combing Balestier Road

    For most homeowners, lightings are usually the last on their list since they are installed after major renovation works are completed. Balestier Road is the go-to destination for lightings with most shops are concentrated in that area. Yet despite the numerous lighting shops, some homeowners may still find themselves returning home disappointed. Despite the numerous

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  • Retro lighting ideas

    Retro Lighting Ideas for your Contemporary Home

    The term ‘Contemporary Retro’ may first come off as a paradox. However, with the popularity of fusing of retro and modern elements in houses, the term ‘contemporary retro’ would be most appropriate to describe such spaces. The spirit of the retro is that of fun. Pieces of memorabilia from the past are scattered through the

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  • basic lighting terms to know

    Basic Types of Lightings You Should Know Before Renovating

    As a new homeowner, choosing the lights for your entire home may seem a daunting task if you are completely clueless about this field. What are your choices? What are the basic lighting terms? Which lighting is most commonly used for each space? Below is a quick and handy summary for you on the different

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  • 6 Bathroom Ideas That Make Showering A Fancy Affair

    Given space constraints in Singapore, most don’t have the luxury of having a bathtub to soak in. Yet despite the small space, there is much potential for a bathroom. Either simplistic or luxurious, a well renovated bathroom can sure make a good start to your day. These bathrooms below will make you want to fully

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