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  • Adding Coloured Light Fixtures To Your Space

    If you don’t already know, white and black aren’t considered as colours. #saywhat Even so, they’re so regularly used in our light fixtures along with legit colours like gold, silver, and brown. While all those are fine colours and non-colours, there lies a huge dormant designing potential in light fixtures that aren’t of the conventional

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  • 10 Creative Ways to use String Lights to Dress-up Your Space

    Let’s face it, we all have them: fairy lights, Christmas lights, string lights… whatever you call them, we are pretty sure you have at least a set lying deep within the forgotten crevices of your home. Whether you’re a café owner, a student with a depressing dorm room, a tumblr creature or just looking to

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  • Rainbow Inspired Home Décor Ideas You Need To Try

    Some people want that pop of colour, while others are looking at nursery designs. There are even some that are just plain crazy about rainbows – we don’t blame them; since when have you seen something that has 7 very contrasting covers without looking tacky and overdone? It is commonly thought that the rainbow spectrum

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  • 6 Fun Lighting Ideas For Your Kids’ Room

    Every parent wants nothing but to watch their child live and grow happily in the best environment possible and the child’s room constitutes a big portion of the said “environment”. Most parents got the paint job, the furnishing and the toys down to the tee, but more often than not they seem to stop just

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