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    Rainbow Inspired Home Décor Ideas You Need To Try

    Some people want that pop of colour, while others are looking at nursery designs. There are even some that are just plain crazy about rainbows – we don’t blame them; since when have you seen something that has 7 very contrasting covers without looking tacky and overdone? It is commonly thought that the rainbow spectrum

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  • 6 fun lighting ideasfor your kids' room

    6 Fun Lighting Ideas For Your Kids’ Room

    Every parent wants nothing but to watch their child live and grow happily in the best environment possible and the child’s room constitutes a big portion of the said “environment”. Most parents got the paint job, the furnishing and the toys down to the tee, but more often than not they seem to stop just

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  • Taylor Swift

    5 Taylor Swift Music Video Inspired Home Décor Ideas

     Why Taylor? Cause she’ll never go out of style, she’ll never go out of style… Apart from dishing out the catchiest tunes, Taytay is also totally killing it in the music video scene. The recent Bad Blood video got us wishing we’re black leather clad secret agents with kickass codenames! Every one of Taylor’s album

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  • an

    The Essential Guide to the Scandinavian Style

    Ever browsed through home decor magazines or interior design sites and seen the word “Scandinavian” but not know what it means? Don’t sweat it, there is no proper way to describe what the Scandinavian style encompasses other than bringing you through the essentials that make up a such a space. This style is growing in

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