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    Edison Bulb DIYs That YOU Have To Try

    The industrial and deconstructed styles are incredibly en vogue now! Edison light bulbs are quintessential and the most recurring idea used in industrial design due to its simplicity and naturalness. All across Pinterest and Tumblr we find clusters of Edison light bulbs being used to create curtains or tied together to form a light fixture.

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    Geometric Lighting Tips You Cannot Live Without

    Who knew primary school math will┬ácome back to haunt you 20 years later? Don’t worry, we aren’t doing any math here! In fact, we’ll be using art and design to tackle a math problem. Geometric light fixtures made its way into the hearts of designers not too long ago: we see a growing number of

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  • Saving space

    10 DeLIGHTful Ways to Save Space in Your Home

    Whether you live in a small home or a large one, one thing everyone has in common is the desire to have a clean and clutter-free living space. There is no better way to do this than to organize yourself to save space and be minimalist in your designing. We’re here to help you in

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    5 Important Tips For Matching Light Fixtures

    Sometimes you want your light fixture to cover a large area but one is just not enough. But you’re reluctant to spend a few hundred bucks on another of the same light fixture. What can you do? The solution is as simple as this: Get a complementing light fixture of course! But be cautious, this

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