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  • Style Challenge (1)

    The Light Fixture That Will Go With Any Space

    Wait – what? Is there really such a mythical light fixture that is the salvation for the design-crippled? Yes! Glass light fixtures can go with anything because they’re basically the epitome of neutral. Just like how the famous Louis Ghost Chair goes with virtually anything and everything you pair it up with, glass light fixtures

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  • 7 dreamy

    7 Dreamy Night Light Ideas You Can Choose From

    What’s the last thing you see before you go to sleep every night? We don’t know the answer to that. What we do know is that you couldn’t have seen whatever you saw without the help of your night light! The night light is the last thing keeping your from the dark and the glowing

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    An Essential Guide to achieve the Industrial Style

    Have you been seeing brick walls more and more lately? It’s as if everyone is hopping on board the brick wall trend and you can’t figure out what you missed. The brick wall trend is part of a bigger trend we call the industrial style. No, that does not mean you live in a construction

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  • ADDING (1)

    Adding Coloured Light Fixtures To Your Space

    If you don’t already know, white and black aren’t considered as colours. #saywhat Even so, they’re so regularly used in our light fixtures along with legit colours like gold, silver, and brown. While all those are fine colours and non-colours, there lies a huge dormant designing potential in light fixtures that aren’t of the conventional

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