• August 2017 design lighting

    August 2017 design lighting

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    Scandinavian Lightings

  • Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

    Screed Designer Modern Lightings made affordable

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  • 6 Bathroom Ideas That Make Showering A Fancy Affair

    Given space constraints in Singapore, most don’t have the luxury of having a bathtub to soak in. Yet despite the small space, there is much potential for a bathroom. Either simplistic or luxurious, a well renovated bathroom can sure make a good start to your day. These bathrooms below will make you want to fully

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  • 10 condos with impressive ceilings and stunning pendants

    10 Condos with Impressive Ceilings and Stunning Pendant Lamps

    In recent years, many HDBs have rivalled private developments in terms of design features, with many snagging up multiple design awards. Take for example HDB Skyville@Dawson which features a sky garden with a 400m jogging track. At 46 floors above ground, it offers stunning views to residents and looks very much like a luxurious condo.

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  • Colour Palettes that set the mood for these houses

    Colour Palettes That Set The Mood For These Homes

    For most who aren’t designer/art trained, we often rely on our instincts when it comes to creating a colour scheme for our homes. Surely we may not be well versed in colour theories or terminologies like hue, saturation, tint or shades. However, whatever ‘looks good’ cannot go wrong, right?  Yet sometimes, instincts do lead us

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  • What to do with your ceilings walls and floors

    What to do with your Walls, Ceilings, Floors

    Your Surfaces Matter! One of the firsts of your renovation choices would be what to do with your surfaces. Your Walls, your Ceilings and your Floors. For owners who don’t have a clear vision of what they want, most will go with the safest choices–plain surfaces. Surely furnishings will make up for whatever is lacking

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